Welcome To Mirrorkill's Outer Discordian Church Of The Perpetually Confused

Mirrorkill are a Lancaster UK-based band, of sorts, & a religious disorganisation (non-prophet, though, because prophecy is theft). We used to describe ourselves as "Mutant Industrial Jazz Punk"; then we invented the genre of Acoustic Heavy Meta; but now insist on being filed under Post-Industrial Digi-Fauxlk.

We don't charge for our music, because nothing you pay money for can ever be subversive.

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41) Lancaster Music Festival, Atticus Bookshop, 13th October 2016ce

This definitely goes down in Mirrorkill's history as one of the odder gigs to come our way. I hadn't been aware that the esteemed establishment Atticus Bookshop in Lancaster had held Music festival events for the last few years, so wasn't quite sure what to expect - certainly not a DJ set up at the end of the rather cosy premises belting out a very fine hour-long funk set. As soon as there were around 20 people in there dancing it was, essentially, at capacity - the proprietor, Tom, having cleared away tables & stock for the occasion.

When the DJ had finished & packed away I took to the "stage"/back of the shop, with no amplification, armed with the trusty 12-string (on the grounds that it would be twice as loud as the six string). & it was really nice. A bunch of friends, & a few curious passers by who popped in to see what was going on, were an attentive & appreciative audience; & the book lined walls made it feel not just intimate, but like playing in a living room. Tom appeared pleased, & asked if we'd be up for a return next year...

Upcoming gig, Lancaster Music Festival, Atticus Bookshop, Thursday 13th October

It seems likely that this will be solo, acoustic & at 10 o'clock. We are eternally grateful to Atticus for the opportunity, & specifically to Kit for his support.

(Edited to reflect new start time at 10 rather than 11).

40) Kibosh Kabarett, The Park Hotel, Lancaster, 9th july 2016ce

As previously noted, we love Kibosh Kabarett as a scrappy, anarchic expression of community. However, last time we played, back in april, we were able to avoid any consequences of its scrappy anarchy by virtue of being on first, getting there early & managing to get a sound check in. This time we weren't so lucky.

upcoming gig, this saturday 9th july 2016ce

We're delighted, if somewhat tardy, to announce that we'll be playing at Lancaster's Park Hotel this saturday. It's another event organised by Kibosh Kabarett, at rather short notice... the last one we played was a great night, full of fantastic acts & general big-heartedness.

The Facebook event page is here.

Tony, Bucking Flair - the video

In light of the arrival of the Chilcott report... we did this around 2006 or so. Our friend Sam Lamont did the animation.

Brexit/Monopoly Metaphor Alert

Not that I often make blog posts. But if you're going to write about anything at all, then an event as big as this surely deserves attention.

Permit me a metaphor.

Imagine, if you will, that Free Market Capitalism, the system we use to run the world, is an enormous game of Monopoly.

39) Kibosh Kabarett, The Park Hotel, Lancaster, 30th april 2016ce

We may have failed to promote this event very assiduously (posted on Facebook, but not on the site), but it ended up being very well attended. This was the second Kibosh Kabarett, an event which bills itself as "art, satire, dissent", thereby suiting us down to the ground. As we were the first act on, & only doing three songs, we were fairly convinced that we'd be playing to two anarchists & a dog - but by the time we started playing the room had filled with perhaps fifty souls (none of whom were dogs, better luck next time).


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